I’m Christopher and I have lived in NYC for over a decade now. I am originally from Colorado where I enjoyed graphic design before I even knew what it was. I enjoy being part of the creative process and get a thrill seeing the hard work come to fruition. I enjoy many aspects of graphic design and really enjoy visual identity design, and would love to work on Broadway shows.
I recently finished the Certificate Program for Graphic Design from Shillington School of Graphic Design in New York. It is there I improved my skillset with typography and typesetting, digital media, printing and packaging, branding, photo editing, web/app design, UI/UX. 
I enjoy using Sketch, Procreate, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and inDesign.
In my free time, I enjoy many handy crafts including knitting and sewing, enjoy cooking and baking, movies and attending shows and concerts! I am also a musician and you can find out more about that part of my life here
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